Hip Hop is a genre rooted in combativeness and competitiveness. Perhaps, more so than any other genre, the essence of hip hop music is engrained in virtue. At the onset of hip hop’s conception, to speak on behalf of your neighborhood—and on a greater scale, your culture—was a great honor and responsibility. It is my belief that this ideology gave root to the rap battle, as well as the underlying theme of all hip hop music: The belief that you, as an MC, are better suited than the next MC—better equipped with skill, in better command of flow, and a better purveyor of ideas—to speak on behalf of the entire genre.


One thought on “You and Hip Hop: The Preamble

  1. Does this combativeness help to communicate the cultural ideals and experiences within the culture? Many of my students (junior high) feel that to become a great MC, one must give back to and help the community from which they represent and tell the story of.

    Do you feel this is part of the culture too?
    Or a modern idealized concept of the youth?
    Looking forward to your insights and thoughts.
    Thank you!

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