In journalism, we refer to a common idiom as our inspiration for entering the field: “Something-something-something-to instill within the people the information necessary for self-governance-something-something-something.” And for quite a while, we’ve accepted this reasoning solely. Let today, however, mark a point at which I cast the idiom aside for a mission all the more important to me. Frankly, self-governance is not grand enough. Surely, I can provide you all with the information necessary for self-governance, but in a world inhabited by billions of other, diverse individuals, self-governance seems to be such a miniscule goal. My self-proclaimed duty as a journalist is not merely to grant the public the information it needs to sustain itself from day-to-day, but rather to contextualize this information and illustrate how it relates to a world greater than our own. For too long, perhaps, we have submitted to the belief that our prime goal ought to be self-governance—that if we could live in cohesion, as a society, day-by-day, we’d accomplished something. As a journalist, I implore us all to set more lofty aspirations. There are worlds—worlds mere rooms away—worlds mere blocks away—worlds cities away—worlds states away—worlds countries away—worlds continents away—both similar and different from our own, in many ways. There are worlds where people cry as you do, and laugh as you do, and preach as you do, and play as you do, and fear as you do, and lie as you do, and judge as you do, and love as you do; all of these things in some way significant to humanity, and all of these things existing outside the confines of news designed solely to “instill within the public the information necessary for [mere] self-governance.” My job as a journalist is to place the world at your fingertips and share with you why it is worth seeing. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the world in which you live.


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